2012 Singles Tournament photo's

10 photo(s) Updated on: 26 Aug 2012
  • RHLTC 2012 Men's Singles Champ - Wilfred Man. Wilfred took Eugen Malea Malea to 3 sets winning 3-6,6-1,6-4
  • RHLTC's 2012 Ladies Singles Champion - Nancy Lin defeats Stephanie Wong in straight sets winning 6-3, 6-2
  • Paul Liem "Ok, what do I do with this thing"
  • Manny Schwartz... Mark Foon taught me this new technique. Always protect yourself when approaching the net.
  • Christina Georgescu ...on your marks, get set,... serve.
  • Stephanie Wong...showing off the two hand forehand technique. Generating power as she flies through the air...
  • Jean Wong on court 6 launches one into the back corner .... of court 2...just kidding Jean. Congrats on winning the consolation finals.
  • Vlad Maevskiy power backhand ...love the retro look a la Bjorn Borg 1970's.
  • Nancy Lin powering her way into the ladies singles finals. Huge style points. The visor matches the skirt, which matches the socks, which match the shoes. Oh my, the top matches the nike swoosh...

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