ICTA Rules Updated - April 2015

The ICTA Rules and Regulations are to be followed by all Richmond Hill Lawn Tennis Club teams. For all the rules, click on the "Mixed League Rules and Regulations". 

Some notable highlights are as follows: 
  1. Coaching while a match is being played is NOT allowed except in Juniors Mixed League
  2. A, B and C Divisions may allow up to two (2) players under the age of eighteen (18) (as of January 1st in the current year) to play in any fixture. In the Major Division each team may allow up to four (4) players under the age of eighteen (18) (as of January 1st in the current year) to play in any fixture. 
  3. Players may play two matches above their normal level of play. Any player who plays three (3) fixtures above a level will be ineligible to play any further matches at the lower level and is locked into the higher level. 
  4. During the first three (3) weeks of the season, a player may play for only one  team, except with the permission of the Mixed League Director.
  5. Each match will consist of the best of three sets with a 12 point tie-breaker at 6-6. The third set must be a super 10 tie-breaker if both captains agree in advance or if there is less than 30 minutes remaining before court restrictions apply (lights out) or if the first two sets exceed 2 hours. 
  6. The visitors may choose to be Server or Receiver to start the match in which case the home team will choose the side 
  7. The visiting team will have the choice of order of play as long as 3 days notice was given. The host team will determine the number of matches to be played at one time, except that there must be a minimum of three courts in use until matches are completed. 
  8.  All league matches will start at 7:00 p.m. When it is known that the start may be delayed, the home captain will endeavour to inform the visiting team captain of that fact. When fewer than six courts are to be used, the start time for all other matches will be deemed to be 5 minutes after the completion of the earlier match. When a player is more than fifteen (15) minutes late for her/his match, the match will be defaulted at the request of the opposing captain. 
  9. Should a team have fewer than twelve (12) players, one match will be declared forfeited either third men's, second mixed or ladies and the score entered as 6-0, 6-0. Should a team have less than ten (10) players the whole fixture will be forfeited, and provisions of rule M12 will apply 
  10. Rain outs or re-scheduled matches - Make-up dates for Matches shall be arranged by Captains within ten days, with Division Chair copied on all correspondence, and played within 26 days of the original Fixture date. If necessary, make-up Matches may be individually rescheduled to different dates within the 26 day period. No make-up Matches may be rescheduled a second time, except due to inclement weather. Teams not completing their Matches by the 26-day deadline may receive zero points for unplayed matches and cannot, for greater certainty, agree to ‘split points’. Teams that split points shall be deemed to have committed an Excessive Default and shall be subject to Section 5.20.
  11. Home  captains  will  enter  on  line  on  the  ICTA  Mixed  League  website  at www.intercountytennis.com the match results along with the player roster within twenty four (24) hours of the match.  

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