2016 Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The Club held it's 2016 AGM on Saturday October 22,2016. The meeting was relatively well-attended with over 50 members in attendance. 


  • President's Report - Mike spoke about the creation of the Richmond Hill Tennis Association. The RHTA will promote the game of tennis in Richmond Hill and be the voice of tennis working with the Town to deliver quality courts, programs, leagues and lessons. It will also promote the need for indoor tennis facilities. Visit the associations website www.RHTA.CA
  • The following motions were passed: 

           Motion A - Elimination of Court Chair Board position - Rational: the position is                                  no longer necessary as the primary responsibility of the court chair                                  (windscreens and nets) will be assumed by the Club Captain

              Motion B - RHLTC to join the Richmond Hill Tennis Association - motion                                             approved to have the Club make a $3000 contribution to the start-                                   up funding of the newly formed Association. Rational : The                                               club has not been able to grow outside of its current facility. The                                       need for additional clubs, courts is required. The association will                                       promote the game and work with the Town to gain access to more                                   courts.  

           Motion C - Motion to streamline the Clubs membership levels for the                            2016 season to Adult and Junior. The Elimination of                                    Intermediate and Senior membership was approved by                                the membership Rational : the primary reason is to                                    streamline the registration process and align with other                                clubs. The Club does not want to or need to police the age                            of members. The modest fees paid by members are not                                likely to cause financial hardship.  

Election of your 2016 Board of Directors

2016 Executive Elected








Mike Bowcott



 Flaviu Dinca



Amer Rasul



Nilavanh Limsakoune



Kelly Donalson



Edward Lee

 Club Captain

 John Abate



Joanne Muench


 House League

Leon Drotenko



Jim Kostin



Mark Foon 


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"I love the winning, I can take the losing, but most of all, I love to play". Boris Becker
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